At Jackaboutguitars.com we are helping to get the word out to all of you Danelectro lovers about some unique Danelectro prototypes and rare instruments that are for sale only for a short period of time.

Danelectro expert Steve Soest, who is the man responsible for the reverse engineering on the Danelectros which brought the new reissue Danos to market (see https://www.jackaboutguitars.com/new-danelectro and https://www.jackaboutguitars.com/the-danelectro-story, as well as designing new models that had never even existed before, has some way cool unique stuff for sale that’ll more than ruffle the hair of any DANELECTRO GEEK!

Dano Covertible

So pay attention to what follows as a post from Steve Soest concerning some rare Danelectros might just land you with that rare and unique instrument that you’ve only been dreaming that you might own someday!


Hi FaceBook Friends (and Jackaboutguitars.com Readers),

A good number of you are probably aware of my involvement with the re-issue Danelectro Guitars starting back in 1997. I am proud to have reverse – engineered most of the re-issues of the original 1950’s – 1960’s models, as well as designing new models that didn’t previously exit.

Over the last 18 years I was able to purchase many of the hand-picked trade show display models, as well as one-off color samples and prototypes. Due to lack of storage space in my current shop location, I’m going to thin the herd a bit.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be compiling a list of what’s what. These instruments are all new-old-stock, unplayed, still in the internal packing bags and sealed inside the original Danelectro shipping cartons. If you’ve always wanted a “special” Danelectro, the wait is over. Please private message me for more details and a complete list.

Thanks,?Steve Soest

Soest Guitar     ?[email protected]


Thanks for all your interest this morning! Just a bit more info regarding the original post… IF you’re looking for a run of the mill INEXPENSIVE, used Danelectro, the best place to search would be Ebay or Craigslist.

The ones I’ll be listing are very special, unique instruments, and possibly only of interest to myself and a handful of other Dano geeks. The rarity will be reflected in the price.

There was SO much interest  today, I thought I’d better get on it. I think everything is here. I don’t need to sell all of it to make the room I need, so I may halt the sale once I see some extra space.

As I mentioned, these guitars are taped up in original shipping boxes, but I will open them up only if there is interest in specific one.

Steve Soest 9/10/2015

1. Longhorn guitar prototype (never produced)  w/ Soest designed 1-off vibrato bridge. (2) pickup, commie red – in Dano gigbag $1499

2.  ’56 U-2 copperburst  from 1st production run. (4/98) converted to one of two electric sitar prototypes (never produced) Gotoh sitar bridge added later – in Dano gig bag. $1299

3. ’56 U-3T prototype (NFS)

4. ’59 DC (1st run) commie red (11/98) – in box – $899

5. ’59 DC (no pickups) peachy keen ( 3/99) – in box – $399

6. ’59 DC Namm show color sample pick (metal flake silver) w/ Soest bridge design – in box $1299

7. ’59 DC (1st run ) 11/20/98 pre-Namm. limo black ( J. Page style) – in box  $899

8. ’56 U-1 body only, no neck, yellow – in box 11/20/98  $399

9. ’56 U-2 black burst (1999) converted  to one of two electric sitar prototypes (never produced) Gotoh sitar bridge added later – in box  $1299

10. ’56 U-2 Namm pick color sample (1 of 1) Pink! First one w/ Soest bridge design upgrade – in box  $1299

11. ’56 U-2 “Yesteryear” (limited production relic) beat-up w/ de-gaussed pickups, nifty aqua – in box. NOTE: the box has two conflicting descriptions – this could be a prototype deep body DC w/ blue and pink formica back and top! price TBA

12. DC 12 string metal flake blue early production 1/23/99 – in box $899

13. Convertible Namm pick color sample (1 of 1) purple metal flake – in box $899

14. ’59 DC first run. Limo black (J. Page style) 11/98 – in box   $899

15.  Convertible Namm pick 1/99 blue burst – in box  $899

16. Hodad non/trem hard tail. Purple body routed for humbuckers. unfinished shop prototype 1/2000 – in box  $499

17. Long Horn Bass first run 11/98 pre- Namm introduction commie red – in box  $1299

18. Convertible deep body Soest built prototype unfinished 11/18/98 – in box $1299

19. ’56 U-1 first run aqua factory sample 10/98 – in box  $899

20. Convertible Soest built prototype. Piezo bridge, formica top and back, bridge block 2 1/2″ deep. unfinished 11/2/98 – in box $ 1299

21. ’59 DC-3 Namm pick color sample (1 of 1) never produced. Teal? – in box  $1299

22. ’56 U-2 early pre-production factory prototype. commie red w/ different  bridge posts, tuners, and truss rod access at body. pre-Namm introduction, before changes were made – in box $1499

23. 6-12 doubleneck 1st run Namm pick sample pearl white – in box $1499

24. 59-DC pre-production factory sample from Indonesia – never produced. commie red – in box $1299

25. ’56 Pro III. factory prototype from 2005 (1 of 3 made) never produced in box  $1299

26. ’56 U-2 early pre-production factory prototype. copperburst w/ different bridge posts, tuners, and truss rod access at body. pre- Namm introduction, before changes were made – in box  $1499

27. ’56 U-2 Namm pick color sample (1 of 1) dark blue metallic, never produced in box  $1299

28. U-3 turquoise metalflake. Namm pick 1999?) – in box  $1299

29. ’56 U-2 aqua burst early production 4/98 – in box $999

30. ’56 U-2 early pre-production factory prototype 1997 aqua burst w/ different bridge posts, tuners and truss rod access at body. Pre-Namm introduction, before changes were made – in box  $1499

31. ’56 U-1 commie red, 1st run Namm pick – in box  $899

32. ’56 U-2 Namm pick color sample red-cream burst 1998? – in box  $1299

33. ’59 DC Pro long scale bass. silver metal flake w/ parts upgrades ( bridge and tuners ) early prod. – in box  $999

34. New (6/2015) DC 12-string sunburst w/ f-hole double cutaway body. latest from Korean factory again – in box  $399

If you have any serious interest in any of the items, I WILL cut the tape and photograph the guitar. I prefer dealing face to face rather than shipping. Payment by cash or Paypal only.

Once again, you can contact Steve Soest by email @ [email protected]