String Stretcha is really a great little tool that any serious guitarist should have in his arsenal of guitar gadgets (unless of course, someone else changes your strings for you – then that person should have one).


String Stretcha – a very cool tool indeed.  I’ll be the first to admit just how much I wish that I had been the one to have the idea of String Stretcha and produce it.  It’s also common knowledge now that there are many guitar techs and players out there using the String Stretcha who have thought the same thing.  Even guitarist Randy Bachman has stated that he wishes he would have thought of it.


If one has played (or performed) for any considerable length of time and has several instruments which need to be maintained, this gadget is a must to own.   I’ve been playing guitar for quite some time now; long enough to say that I started learning how during that same year a world famous band from Britain arrived on U.S. shores.  (for a little more on that check out  No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of string changing over a lot of years.


Sure, I was just a kid when I got started.  Over the course of forty eight years of playing, I have changed a lot of guitar strings.  When I started out I had only  one guitar, but over time I’ve bought guitars, sold guitars, and kept several along the way.  Including a couple I have that need a little work, right now the number is sitting at twelve. Some do get used much more than others.


Somewhere within that period of time I also went out on the road for a spell as a guitar tech.  I dealt with several guitars that were on a rotation of having strings changed on all of the guitars, so that by every third show it was time to change the strings on the first batch of guitars again, and so on.   When bands are playing for audiences in the thousands, strings really do need to be stretched properly so that the guitars stay in tune.  No guitarist in his right

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