We’ll, it’s great to back in the Pacific Northwest again.  I never fully realize just how cool it is here until I return from travels beyond.  People are just chill here and when they mention traffic here, I laugh.

I had a GREAT trip down to Southern California where I had the honor of attending the wedding of drummer, Jeff Miller, and his lovely bride Cherry.  Congratulations and BEST WISHES to you both for a wonderful life together!

While away, I was able to see family and friends and it was all and all a really great time, except for lost time on the highways.  I just don’t know how you guys handle day to day life on those super-sized freeways that have 6 to 8 lanes of traffic on each side that don’t seem to move very quickly at all.  Rush Hour is truly a joke – nothing rush about it.  Oh well…you guys do seem to manage it there and I have to hand it to you for that.

ROCKFORD…MORE TO COME…SOON on Jackaboutguitars

While in Southern California I had the cool opportunity of seeing a “great

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