That’s right.  ‘Age quod agis’.  Do what you are doing.  I just had to get that out.  Even in Latin, Larry Hanson is a remarkable guitarist and musician – just doing what he’s always been doing.



I’ve been fortunate enough to know Larry Hanson for many years and was aware of him and his guitar playing for even longer than that.  Larry is one of the few whose reputation precedes him.

There’s good reason to suspect that if you know Larry personally, you probably did hear of him way before you met him. I was in high school when I had first heard of what a remarkable guitar player he is.  It was several years later that I finally had the opportunity to hear him play and finally meet him.  He is one amazing talent.

2011 Corona, CAOn top of all this, Larry is very modest about his abilities.  I do believe that Larry Hanson is probably the most humble guitarist that I have ever met and I would even step out as far as to say he’s the most humble guitar player on the planet concerning his abilities.

Here’s a some bio information that Larry was kind enough to send which will help to give you a better idea what he’s all about:

LARRY HANSON – Nashville, Tennesee

Education: Santa Ana College

California State University Fullerton

Music Major/Trumpet

Professional Experience:

Alabama:  Guitar, Keyboards and Sax–20 years

Righteous Brothers:  Keys, Bass, Trumpet and Guitar–6 years

Bill Medley:  Musical Director, Guitar, Keys and Sax–4 years

Other artistsJennifer Hanson, McKenna Medley, Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Little Anthony, Darlene Love, Dick Dale, Mark Nesler, Tim Briggs, Michelle Mangione, The Marcy Brothers

CurrentlyBill MedleyJeff Cook and the AGBTexas Tenors

Following college and several years of playing nightclubs, recording and backing different artists in the LA/Orange Country area, I became a member of a 13 piece group called Bim Bam.  I played guitar and keyboards for the group as well as arranged music for the horn section.

In the group were former members of Redbone, Butch Rillera and Tony Bellamy, as well as former Righteous Brother musicians Jose Silva, Bill Baker, and Dave Garland.

While performing at Bill Medley’s club in Orange County, I met Bill and partner, Bobby Hatfield, which led to my gig playing for the Righteous Brothers.  Along with touring as a musician for the Righteous Brothers, I became Bill Medley’s musical director/band leader while he promoted two RCA country albums.

In 1985 Bill opened 96 dates with RCA label mates Alabama.  At the beginning of Alabama’s ‘Just Us’ tour in January 1987 I was hired to play guitar, horns and keyboards.  From that date on I played every single performance with


Larry is one of those super talented guys that’s as nice (and humble) as anyone on the planet. It’s always a pleasure to hear him play and even just chat with him (as you know). Thanks for checking out the story!

Jim Chevalley

I’ve had the joy of knowing Larry for several years. My wife MaryAnn and I would help Jeff Cook and the AGB (whom Larry is a part of) with his merchandise at shows in the southeast. What a class act. They don’t get any better than Larry. Talent to the max and one of the nicest people I have ever met.


Jim, Thanks for your cool comment. I’ve known Larry for a number of years and I can say that he is such a talented guy and a most genuine person. Truly a “class act”. Thanks for writing. Best, Jack

Bonita Walker

I was fortunate enough to meet Larry several years ago when he was with the group Alabama. You are absolutely right about him being one of the very best guitar players ever, but yet being so very humble!! Larry is one of the nicest people I have ever met!! To this day, he still remembers all his fans and takes time out of his busy schedule just to say “hey” and catch up with them! I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Hanson… love him!! : ) Thank you for the great article on Larry!!!


Thanks for your comment, Bonita. Just as you say, that’s Larry all the way. A wonderful guy. Thanks for reading the article and pass the word on about Best, Jack

Mike Chicoine

What a neat article. Larry is such a great guy and very talented. I’m proud to call him a friend. Thank you for the great article :)


Hi Mike. Thanks for the great comment. Larry is quite a guy. I was happy to put the article together. Thanks for checking out Jackaboutguitars and liking us on Facebook! Tell your friends. Best, Jack

Cindy L

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Larry. It was late 80s, in Huntington Beach, CA, at a place called TC Peppercorn. He filled in for Dick Dodd’s band. Didn’t know who he was.. but he dure was talented. Shortly thereafter, I would see him play in concert with Alabama; it was sponsored by my company (Honda)… that is when I saw the full range of talent. Thanks for the music and time Larry.

Ed Huerta

Great, great stuff…the rich history of SoCal music..there has to be a book somewhere in there….never knew Larry Hanson went to Warner Jr. High School…my alma mater too…kudos all around!!!

tom potts

A great article showing depth and incite to what it takes to “make it” from early beginnings and a dream. Very well done, and very informitive information on some of the talent to come out of Orange County California. Thanks!


Thanks for your comment Tom! It’s much appreciated. Larry Hanson is truly a great, talented guy who made it happen. It’s pretty amazing how much talent has come out of Orange County. It was a great place to grow up. Best, Jack

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