Well, now that the smoke has cleared a bit, it’s time to move beyond The Wrecking Crew Film Kickstarter, which by the way, was a huge, huge success.

$313,157 was pledged of the $250,000 goal and that included 4,245 backers!

OUR SINCEREST CONGRATULATIONS to Filmmaker Denny Tedesco and his family as well as Recording Engineer/Producer Damon Tedesco and his family for a way cool super job well done with Kickstarter! You guys more than rocked it out of the park. Even Babe Ruth would have been pleased!

I can’t wait for the release of The Wrecking Crew Film to the BIG SCREEN so that their story can finally be told to the masses and I’ll try to keep you updated as I hear more information about the release.

Also, a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all the Jackaboutguitars Readers and Everyone Else who supported the cause and contributed to make The Wrecking Crew Kickstarter such a grand success!

Happy New Year! Make 2014 “THE BEST.” – Jack


It’s time for more guitar related questions from you and answers from Steve Soest. The first question is from Chris from deep way down under.

Hi Steve, Any know how about lubricating my Fender Super Tele’s tuners. Where and what yo? Gun oil?…

Thanks, Chris P. Chainit

Hi Chris – Thanks for your question! If they’re the old Kluson Deluxe-style tuners with the oil hole, you can put a couple of drops of light 3 in 1 oil, sewing machine oil or gun oil in there. Even better, you can force some Chapstick or Vaseline into the hole, turn the button as you apply it, and that should take care of it… If they’re sealed, diecast tuners (with the hex nut style screw-down bushing on top) they generally don’t require lubrication. If they do feel sticky or dry, you can remove the screw-in bushing, and lubricate it down inside the threaded part of the collar. Don’t use too much, any lubricant can work its way out of the target area and stain the surrounding surface. Good luck! Steve Soest


Hi Steve. I’m considering purchasing a new Gibson Les Paul and was wondering if I should get one with these new min ETune systems. Do they work good and are they worth the extra cash or are they just something to try and get more of your money? Ryan Evans

Hi Ryan – Thanks for your question! With all the latest advances in technology, guitarists are bombarded with all sorts of new gimmicks. Some of them are in the “how did we ever do without this?” category, while most are just another attempt at separating you from your cash. My personal take on this (and MOST guitar-related issues) is that I believe that the fewer components on a guitar, the better! Since the tone and volume of a guitar is based on the resonance/vibration of the components, less is better. Each non-essential or decorative item on an instrument sucks up vibration, and too many add-ons can cause your guitar to sound like a squashed pumpkin. Additionally, learning to tune a guitar is part of the overall process of becoming a guitar player. When you purchase a large flat-screen television, I would not expect you to be able to open up the unit and re-wire it, but I would hope that you’d take the time to learn to work the remote control! Steve Soest


Hi Steve. Question… I was contacted about painting a guitar body… Are there certain paints to use?? and finishes?? or do I use store bought canvas paints/acrylics and use a clear spray varnish over the top? If specialty paints, where do I buy these at?? Thanks, Ed Rockford

Hi Ed- Thanks for your question! Traditionally, guitars are finished with either poly or nitrocellulose lacquers. I suppose (for art’s sake) you could use any type paint or finish you prefer to work with. If it’s going to be displayed as art, that’s all you need to do… if it’s going to be played, you need some type of top coat/sealer to keep the art from being worn off from handling. Just make sure that the top coat is compatible with the artwork paint so it dries properly and doesn’t curdle it! Most importantly………… have fun! Steve Soest


Hi Steve, I lent my guitar, an old Ovation with a sweet sound, to a person of ill-repute. Stupid me. Now there is a long crack in the beautiful, black-finshed lacquered body of the instrument. And now I am not sure if that crack is merely cosmetic or if it reaches down into the fundamental integrity of the guitar.

This old Ovation is my favorite. It is irreplacable. What is cool about this particular guitar is that Rock-and-Roll GREATS from Ed Van Halen to Pete Townsend have played upon it on – on busses, on planes, backstage when there was nothing to do. Circumstance – a guitar at hand.

I am writing to you for a little advice. How do I diagnose the depth of the problem? How do I determine the depth of this guitar’s injuries?

If this guitar’s injury is structural, can it be fixed? If the scar is but a skin-deep battle wound, are sutures advised?
I am writing to you because you’ll steer me in the right direction.

Scott Larson

Hi Scott – Thanks for your question! First of all, it’s hard to diagnose the structural problems without an in-hand inspection. Would you be able to send some photos of the damage? That would help me to determine the degree of the problem, and if you tell me where you’re located, I can possibly refer you to an experienced luthier/guitar repair person who could give you an honest assessment of the situation. Steve Soest


Hi Steve, I got a MIM Tele for Christmas. Decided I need reverb. I’m going for classic surf tone (something I think you know something about). Can you recommend an outboard pedal to use into a headphone amp? Thinking might spring for a tube amp in the future. Any recommendations there?

Thanks, Mark Carleton

Hi Mark- Congrats on you MIM Tele. That factory is making some great stuff! My favorite reverb pedal is the “Holy Grail” from Electro Harmonix. There are a few different versions that you can choose from, depending on your space (no pun intended) availability. I’ve been using the original sheet metal version since they came out, and no problems. There is a smaller die-cast box version that works equally as well. I used mine with The Torquays (surf band ) on occasions when I needed a great spring tone, but the stage was unstable (or we were riding in a parade… I know, that comes up a lot!)

The Fender outboard spring units were unusable under those conditions. I’m sure there are several others on the market with the renewed interest in pedals, so try as many as you can and see what works for you. Have fun, that’s what it’s all about! Steve Soest


Keep the questions coming! Thanks. Email to [email protected]


All of this moving and working…and just plain old busy life has kept me away from Jackaboutguitars – but, Jack is back.

And finally…the newsletters were all set to go out in January – and didn’t!  I thought for sure Jackaboutguitars was going to be on a roll at the beginning of the year.  Instead we were buried under a huge bagel of busy, but I think we’ll pull out of it and make a strong comeback.  The January Newsletter now needs rewriting and updating.

After a lot of scrambling around, JAG & Jack, made it back to Portland, Oregon – our previous home of 21 years.  It’s great to be here!

I was re-initiated into the old band, Hector & The Hooligans, for once a Hooligan, always a Hooligan!  (Hector’s still in Re-Hab).

Anyway, in the words of a too funny dog from the past (as translated by his well known Master -> R.P. – R.I.P.) “You a little tardy with the food, #!((3@…

I’ll admit, I have been more than a little tardy with the food, but there’s plenty heatin’ up on the back burner.  We’ll blast into it here and dish some out with the latest installment of “KEEPIN’ IT REAL” with Steve Soest.


The latest letter chosen is from George F. of Pensacola, Florida:

Hi Steve –

I have a newer model Fender Mexican-made Stratocaster that makes
a weird crackling sound through the amp after I play it for a half hour or
so.  It’s worse when I run through a pedal or a hi-gain amp.

I’ve already had it into the store I bought it from and also drove quite a distance to a local authorized service center, but the problem persists and I’m at my
wits end!

What gives?  Is this something I have to live with?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   –  George F., Pensacola, Florida

Hi George –

Thanks for your question.  You’re not alone with this issue.  The
problem is being