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If you are one of the fortunate ones who will be able to get to the final day of Winter NAMM 2013 on Sunday, January 27th – Anaheim, California…you probably already know about the free screening of The Wrecking Crew Film.

If you don’t, it’s happening in Room 204-B @ 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Here’s a trailer just to give you a little bit of information about this fantastic movie by award winning film maker Denny Tedesco, son of the late, great guitarist, Tommy Tedesco, who was a member of The Wrecking Crew.


Well, if the trailer didn’t spell it out for you…

This looks to be one really cool movie.  The rights to purchase all of this great music so that this wonderful film can be released are a bit on the $$$Spendy side.  Hopefully soon though, enough money will be raised to get this great film released.

Denny Tedesco let me know that there will also be a special screening on February 9, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. honoring drummer Hal Blaine.  He also mentioned that “Nancy Sinatra will be joining us as well as a couple of other folks of the day.”

Here’s that info:


And here’s a link to some upcoming screenings that will be taking place:

Since I’m unable to make it to NAMM this year I’d like to give a shout out for Denny Tedesco and myself to Voyage Guitar, Beamz, and Heil Sound for all of the great support that these sponsers have given to The Wrecking Crew Film!

We all need to do what we can to help Denny Tedesco get this FANTASTIC film out there.  It would be so very cool if one (or several of you for that matter) guitarists out there with a love for what’s going on here and have been blessed to make your living from music, decide to step up to the plate and help Denny get this ultra very cool movie out there for everyone who has any music in them to enjoy.

These great musicians played a huge part in many of our lives and the time has come to get their story out.

We’ll be doing a more in depth Feature Post on The Wrecking Crew Film in the near future so keep an eye out.

Many thanks to Denny Tedesco for this great film!!!          –  Jack












Photo courtesy Rand Chortkoff & Delta Groove


When you think of all the great guitar playing that Kid Ramos has given us over the years, it’s just mind boggling. It’s time for us to give back to Kid as we all can, whether it be by donations to his medical fund or even just some kind encouraging words to Kid, his wife Linda, and their family.


Without getting too deeply into any specifics, Kid is in a fight with cancer which he’s going to battle right out of his body. It would be great if we all rally around him and cheer him and his family on through this tough ordeal. TOGETHER WE WILL WIN!!!

I’ve got some great memories of Kid’s music that go back some 30 plus years ago, before he was even “Kid”. I still remember the night that I met him – 32 years ago. I had the opportunity to accompany good friend and GUITAR MAN Steve Soest, Orange County, California’s (and I quote) “Guitar Guru” as I have seen it in print more than once, and Dave Ramos to see The James Harman Band. I can remember Steve telling me about this guy (Dave Ramos) who would come into his shop. He was a blues guy and boy could he play.


Steve Soest is one of those guys that always had and always will have great ideas. Life changing ideas. Trust me. I saw it many, many times. I used to have the opportunity to hang with him a whole bunch in my younger days as I was lucky enough to play in his band for several years. You see, the way Steve flies, I’m sure he knew that a trip out that one fateful evening, would, (and I truly believe this), actually change music history. And it did.


That’s the way Steve Soest flies. (I’m happy to announce right here that JAG will have an interview very soon with Steve Soest, “The Guitar Guru”. I didn’t make up that name, and Steve is so modest, I hope that he isn’t offended because I brought that term back to reintroduce him here to the few that don’t know about him.) I’m also honored to announce that Steve will be fielding your guitar questions in his “Keepin’ It Real” Section of the site which will finally be seeing it’s launch in the very near future. He’s THEE GUITAR GUY and it will be a great honor to have him writing for Jackaboutguitars. Back to Kid and his story.

Steve knew it would be a great idea to hook up Dave Ramos with that oh so “Dangerous Gentleman of the Blues”, Mr. James Harman. Thoughts of James Harman conjure up stories that deal with cheap beer, inexpensive, great hot dogs, crawling, and miles of broken glass and the like, but that’s something altogether different that we’ll try not to think about for now.


We saw the James Harman Band perform that night and it was great as usual. When the time came, both Steve and I headed home and Dave Ramos stayed on. The story goes that James Harman and Dave Ramos hit it off so well that they talked and played blues records all night long. That night changed blues music forever. Dave Ramos was on his way to becoming “Kid Ramos”.


The following is courtesy of Delta Groove Productions. Many thanks to Rand Chortkoff, CEO/Producer @Delta Groove Music,Inc./Eclecto Groove Records, Inc.
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“Kid Ramos was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is up for the battle and had faith that he can beat this thing. Let’s ALL pray together for Kid to beat this cancer…We’re a tough