“Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.” Jack is back and it’s been awhile…and it’s been Jack’s back keepin’ him from gettin’ back this whole time…Go figure.

Many thanks to Mr. Steve Soest, Orange County California’s #1 Guitar Guy for “Keepin’ It Real” and holdin’ down the front spot of the blog while I’ve been away and all this has been goin’ down. Actually I think of Steve as the #1 Guitar Guy period. I wish I could send all my guitars down to him for a refresh and a few for a complete overhaul!


Well regardless of all that, let’s get to this story. The age I was when the movie “A Hard Day’s Night” hit the scene made a pretty darn big impression on me, thus making it my favorite movie of all time (and Eddie Deezen can surely attest to that and back me up on this one…By the way,thanks Eddie).

I find this almost unbelievable…me, writing about Jimmy Page, especially since I was really miffed over the years concerning the Randy California Spirit Taurus Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven thing…and then the outcome of that ridiculous baited circus of a trial (what a joke!!!).

Thanks a lot Your Honor! After all, the first time ever I heard Stairway To Heaven, I thought, how can this be? That was pulled straight from Taurus by Spirit!!!

I wasn’t even going to mention anything about the Danelectro prices skyrocketing after Jimmy Page was shown on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine’s July 1977 issue, playing a Dano. That wasn’t his fault.

Don’t get me wrong about Jimmy. He’s a talented player…It’s just all the song stealin’ stuff that Led Zeppelin is so well known for that has always bothered me. C’mon guys.

And the Randy Nauert Interview…(The Challenger’s bass player) has been waiting on deck to be the next story up to bat for months and months. My sincerest apologies Randy. It’s been getting worked on for sometime and will be coming…And everyone else… You may wonder what gives?

Are you gettin’ Jacked Around? The answer is NO YOU AREN’T…The fact of the matter is that some back health issues have gotten in the way along with some work/career stuff and we’re just plain ol’ gonna get plowin’ through it all and get this hot rod back on the highway.

Okay, now it’s time for a bit of redemption for Jimmy that I never even knew about until today. Jimmy Page, you should have said something. Why didn’t any of us know this???

But “A Hard Day’s Night… with Jimmy Page”? Who would have thought?

Bobby Fury, aka Bob Mytkowicz, a man who knows more Beatles’ Stuff than even The Beatles probably ever knew, sent me this Fab Tale just the other morning…It is way cool.

Right a way I thought that I had better look into it and see if I could get permission to borrow a little of it to wet or whet your collective appetites as it’s pretty darn cool. Beatles’ fan or not – even cooler if you are so that I might send you to the cool site where the story lives, as it was just planted there the other day, on my birthday!

Victor over at Something Else (Reviews) was so very kind to let us include a bit of it. Here’s the link to Something Else (Reviews) online:  http://somethingelsereviews.com/  This site has all kinds of fun and great stuff! You’ve got to check it out!

So here’s the link to the story written by Mike Tiano. Thanks Mike…what a great story…you hit it out of the park! http://somethingelsereviews.com/2017/02/21/a-hard-days-night-with-jimmy-page/


Here’s a short bit here of what you’re going to get. Check out the full story, complete with video and music from “A Hard Day’s Night”, at http://somethingelsereviews.com/2017/02/21/a-hard-days-night-with-jimmy-page/. I’m hoping the video stays up for awhile as videos sometimes get yanked.

Here’s the excerpt from Mike Tiano’s story: “Page did participate on one major Beatles-related session right after the explosion that was Beatlemania.

Per an article by Tony Barrell, Jimmy Page would usually show up for a session without any knowledge of what he would be doing or the identity of the client. In early 1964, he arrived at EMI studios to find this particular job was being led by Beatles producer George Martin, and upon checking out the music he immediately realized that the project was the score for A Hard Day’s Night.

In Barrell’s article, Page revealed he ended up performing guitar on one of the key pieces written (but not performed) by the Beatles themselves: “Ringo’s Theme,” the instrumental rendition of “This Boy”.

Jimmy Page can also be heard prominently (if fleetingly) earlier in the film, in the scene that takes place in the train compartment: Ringo turns on a transistor radio and, as the Beatles start rocking out to the raucous music, it is swiftly turned off by the stodgy businessman who had just joined them.”

A much longer portion of the transistor radio part from the train compartment is included here. Enjoy the music and videos at http://somethingelsereviews.com/2017/02/21/a-hard-days-night-with-jimmy-page/ and once again, many thanks to Victor, Mike Tiano, and all the wonderful folks at Something Else (Reviews) at http://somethingelsereviews.com                  Jack


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