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What is jackaboutguitars?  Well, I’m Jack, and this is just my fun little site about guitars.  Guitars have always been one of the huge “it” things in my life.  Just recently I decided that I wanted to have some epic fun, so I decided to create this site about guitars as a place for guitar lovers to check in once in a while, relax a moment, take a few deep breaths, and hopefully go away with something from here that might help chill & tune up their souls.  Now that you’re here, whether on purpose or simply by accident, don’t let it be said that you don’t know “jackaboutguitars“.


I’ve had a lot of sweet times in my life that came about because of my love for guitars.  I believe there’s quite a few of us out there who share this same passion and who for some reason or another, have this shakin’ cool instrument as part of our daily lives, whether playing professionally or just for the fun of it.  We don’t go a day without thinking about or playing them, and if you’re anything like me, always wanting to add at least “just one more” (ha ha, like you’re really gonna stop there) to the few or however many that we might already possess is a constant that solidifies our bond to this “so fine” instrument.  I’m pretty sure that every guitarist out there can never have too many guitars!  I would bet that you probably feel that way too.  At my house there’s always room for “just one more, Dear… please?”


Whether you’re a beginner and just in your infant stages with any of this, a “having a good time and courting her” to see where the ride takes me kind of person, an all around player with a lot of time under his licks, or even a well seasoned pro way farther along on this conveyor belt that I call life, I hope to provide whatever

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