JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH ON GUITAR!  (not really, but Adam Fulara makes it happen that way)


Mandolin Matt has done it again.  He sent some special gems through the airways which landed right here at Jackaboutguitars.  In fact, my good friend Justin also sent some of these diamonds my way just a short while after Matt.  The way that everyone and everything these days, is and are, flying about through space, cyberspace, your airspace, my airspace, and the crazy space between some folks’ ears that I’m certainly not going to get into right now (as I make it a point to stay away from Senate and House related matters), it’s a wonder this fine footage landed here at Jackaboutguitars without being too heavily taxed.

Adam Fulara is a world away in Poland, but plays the universal language of guitar in quite a very cool way.  Adam plays Bach on his guitar.  THAT IS NOT A TYPO.  It’s definitely a difficult thing for this player to fathom.  He’s certainly got me thinking about updating some of my own licks.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m not one to brag

about my guitar abilities (or lack thereof) as I know I always need work and practice just to get most of the right notes out when soloing.  I can get along okay though.  In fact I’m still trying to figure out how I’ve managed to be playing for 48 years now in my short span of 29 years. (You just have to go with what you’re feelin’.  Really.)

Like most guitarists coming up through the ranks as I did, I have my surf stuff, rock licks, country & western type goodies, and most of all, pride myself on finally getting a feel for my blues bends and such, but watching this guy Adam has caused a bit of a stir inside of me.  He’s got me thinking about the classical training I haven’t taken the time to pursue.  Not the particular type of classical music that he is playing, but as they say, one thing leads to another…I hope that you enjoy Adam’s abilities here as he’s got me thinking that he might just be the man with two brains.     – Jack

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