Years ago, a friend of mine, Ed Van Halen told me this story. One of the great guitarists of the century put his career in perspective.

and so the story goes…

Three lost explorers in lands we’ll never see came upon a lost tribe that the world had forgotten. The Chief of this tribe welcomed these explorers and invited them to stay in their humble village. The explorers gratefully accepted the Chief’s invitation.

Later that first night as the explorers settled to sleep in their new surroundings, they heard drums in the distance. They heard distant drum cadences, keeping them from sleep. All night the drums pounded the beat.

The following day, when in audience before the Chief, the explorers asked, “What’s with the drums? We hear them all night long. We can’t sleep for the drumbeats.”

The Chief said in broken English, “DRUMS GOOD. WHEN DRUMS STOP . . . VERY BAD”

The following night the explorers lay their