Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to sweeten one’s skills?  No matter what you’re into, what you enjoy working, or playing at, what you do for a living, whatever.  Whenever one has the opportunity to sweeten his or her skills in that endeavor, it’s usually a pretty cool happening thing to do.  It’s always been a fun thing to have a little bit of an edge going with something that you like to pride yourself on.


This section of Jackaboutguitars is the place to find information that is aimed at helping take YOU to the next level, regardless of where you presently are with your guitar related skills.  In other words, the opportunity to have your Skills Sweetened will hopefully be found right here for you.  Whether you’re a beginner, an all around player, or even the guy who’s been around the block so many times that he’s dizzy and miles ahead of everyone else, resources will be provided here that should hopefully help stir up the BEAST WITHIN by showing some of the cool things out there that are available to YOU.




Chris Liscio has come up with a great software program that is just PURE GENIUS. No, it’s not brand new as it’s been out for a little while, but I’ve got the latest version, Capo 2 for Mac, and have heard more than just a few times how cool it really is. Capo can actually help musicians to learn how to play by ear. Without a doubt, I believe CAPO could be called a guitarist’s best friend.


This is so cool that I had to borrow this from the CAPO website: “Along the way, we’ve received many accolades, including two Apple Design Awards for our products Capo and FuzzMeasure. Our software is recognized as some of the best in the industry, and we strive to maintain that reputation.” That says plenty.


Most players, even if they have never played with a physical capo, pretty much know how one works. The idea is that one can raise the key of a song by simply moving the capo up the neck.


For those who are just starting out and don’t know what a physical capo does, it’s kind of like this: playing a song in the key of G is a pretty basic kind of deal. If one wants to play that same song in the key of A without going through all of the hassle of transposing the chords to make the song work in the key of A, it’s as simple as putting the capo on at the second fret, and playing the song the same way as if one were playing in the key of G. However, the song is now in the key of A as the capo has done all of the work for you and made everything that much easier.


With CAPO from SUPER ULTRA MEGA GROOVY, Chris Liscio has in a sense, managed to do the same type of thing with software, but it really kind of isn’t the same thing at all, and, oh yeah, and did I mention it’s only about a thousand times better! This program is unbelievable. Before I get into the meat of it, (or even better, certified organic, non GMO, Vegan great stuff – much healthier for you than the meat with what they feed the animals these days – unless your talking free range, but that’s another story altogether) about CAPO, I’m going to run you back a few decades when I was coming up on guitar to help put things a little more in perspective for people who may be coming from a different place & time, like I did. You see, not everyone who is a guitar player came up with the internet.

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