Rockford’s “I Tried” Reviewed

Here’s a cool review from our good friend Iman Lababedi of on the latest smash from Rockford.  Those Rockford Boys are puttin’ out the hottest files since Big Jim Rockford stepped on up to his new position 3 months ago today, managing some “huge files” in the “upper end” of town. Many thanks Iman!  YOU ROCK NYC(Live and Recorded)!   –  Jack


All the way from Long Beach, California, my buddy and rock nyc writer Edward Huerta plays drums for this classic rock band with a lotta lotta punch and a way with a sound that straddles somewhere between a classicists coolness and a guitarists ambitions,  and never more so than on the sterling guitar break on their latest song guitarist and lead singer  Jeff Beal’s “I Tried”.

I asked Edward to write something about the band for me and this is what he sent: “Jeff Beals guitar/vox/..Jon Melkerson lead guitar/vox..John Kelly bass..Scott Dibble keyboards/vox..Ed Huerta drums/vox…we all write songs..ex members of Eggplant/OO Soul/The Lazy Cowgirls…been together about 2 years..record in the back of a pawn shop with engineering by Martin Beal..all of us went to the same high school, Westminster(Editor’s note: My Old School), in CA..all of us surf still except me..we have



We’ll, it’s great to back in the Pacific Northwest again.  I never fully realize just how cool it is here until I return from travels beyond.  People are just chill here and when they mention traffic here, I laugh.

I had a GREAT trip down to Southern California where I had the honor of attending the wedding of drummer, Jeff Miller, and his lovely bride Cherry.  Congratulations and BEST WISHES to you both for a wonderful life together!

While away, I was able to see family and friends and it was all and all a really great time, except for lost time on the highways.  I just don’t know how you guys handle day to day life on those super-sized freeways that have 6 to 8 lanes of traffic on each side that don’t seem to move very quickly at all.  Rush Hour is truly a joke – nothing rush about it.  Oh well…you guys do seem to manage it there and I have to hand it to you for that.

ROCKFORD…MORE TO COME…SOON on Jackaboutguitars

While in Southern California I had the cool opportunity of seeing a “great