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A LITTLE BIT ABOUT…how the guitar bug bit me BIG TIME

 A LITTLE BIT ABOUT…how the guitar bug bit me BIG TIME

Yeah guitars….. There’s not too many things on the planet that are as cool as these guys.  I’m going to rattle on a little bit here about my introduction to guitars and the effect that they have had on me.  I’m goin’ way back.  I suspect that there’s a few of you out there that will understand the following and may remember similar times.


As a 5 year old kid, I had already ”kind of figured out” just how special this instrument would be to me.  The lure of it dangled right out there in front of me, was almost intoxicating, and seemed as if it was there just for me.  I was destined to discover the magic which the guitar was and is, so readily available to share with me, as I got closer to it.  I think most young kids, if put into the same room as a guitar, can’t help but be drawn to it, almost as if there was some type of magnetic attraction.  There really is a strong desire to want to get their hands on it.  I’ve witnessed this more times than I can count.


I remember the excitement of the first guitar that I actually touched… It wasn’t an expensive guitar by any means.  It belonged to one of my uncles who was living with us at the time.  He would always warn me when he was getting ready to leave the house.  “Whatever you do, don’t touch my guitar.”  I knew it wasn’t locked up, but so readily accessible and inviting.  The guitar lay on its back, without a case, underneath his bed, calling me, to come, just a little bit closer… the forbidden fruit. Continue reading A LITTLE BIT ABOUT…how the guitar bug bit me BIG TIME



What is Jackaboutguitars?  Well, I’m Jack, and this is just my fun little site about guitars.  Guitars have always been one of the huge “it” things in my life.  That’s what we’re gettin jacked up about.  Just recently I decided that I wanted to have some real fun, so I decided to create this site about guitars as a place for guitar lovers to check in once in a while, relax a moment, take a few deep breaths, and hopefully go away with something from here that might help chill & tune up their souls.

Now that you’re here, whether on purpose or simply by accident, don’t let it be said that you don’t know “jackaboutguitars“.

You might realistically say that the site is more of an informational type of site that is guitar related…stuff kind of about guitars or jack about guitars.  You might even say that it doesn’t even focus on guitars but yet it does.  Very confusing.