Brain Food will be offering a selection of guitar delicacies from time to time which will be most gratifying to your cerebral palette.  You’ll be pointed in directions that will soothe your consciousness, indoctrinate your faculties, and perhaps even assist you in embracing this excellent instrument even more than you do now.  In JackTalk that means you’re gonna love it…


Even I know that everyone isn’t into rock guitar.  The fact of the matter isn’t rock at all.  I believe that just the idea of the guitar is simply enough reason for me to turn you onto the following reads.  Whether you play the blues, jazz, fusion, country, surf, classical, metal, grunge, bluegrass, shred, alternative, pop, punk, rockabilly, hillbilly, traditional, worship, instrumental, space funk, or the xillion other types of guitar music that I don’t have time to list, I believe that your love of 4, 6, 7, 12, or however many strings on a guitar that you like to play, you will find value in all of the books that I will be sharing in BRAIN FOOD.  These first two listings do include the word rock either in the title or in another form in the tag line, but if rock isn’t your game, don’t let that scare you away from a couple of great reads.

Jim Marshall  The Father of Loud by Rich Maloof





This is one very cool write about Jim Marshall and the iconic amplifiers which bear his name.  Rich Maloof is one heck of an author.  Included in this gem is a foreward by none other than Slash himself.





LEGENDS OF ROCK GUITAR  by Pete Prown and H.P. Newquist, with a Foreword by Joe Satriani





This book comes packed with all kinds of great information, and I mean plenty of it.  It contains the right history with all of the right facts, quite unlike many of the other books out there, which from time to time present just some of the facts intermixed with a few wrong facts, and leave one longing for more.

Pete Prown & H.P. Newquist set out to give you “the big picture” with LEGENDS OF ROCK GUITAR.  This is a great read with so much to say about more than 300 guitar legends.  You’ll come away from this book with so much knowledge you’re not even going to believe it.  – Jack


STAR GUITARS – 101 GUITARS THAT ROCKED THE WORLD by Dave Hunter, with Foreword by Billy F Gibbons


Any book that has this colorful 1964 SG on the cover has to be a good one coming from my point of view.  (I have been wrong before and I’ll be the second to admit that.)  My wife knows both of these things as she knows my affinity for SG’s and that’s why I received it as a gift from her.  (She’s