The Beatle Bytes section of the site will deal with videos about a “great little band” that was told that they “would never be a part of show business history”. Nonetheless, they proved quite a few people wrong as “guitar groups were on their way out” during this particular time in music history.  These guys became one of the biggest acts in show business history and their music is still well known and popular all over the world – over 42 years after they broke up.


Whether you’re a player who was around way back in ’64 when they landed on American soil, or a younger player, no matter what type of music that you play, these guys were such a big part of music history that they had a big  influence on most guitar players and song writers who came after them.


Even if their influence didn’t directly influence you and your playing, there’s a good chance that they probably had influenced the players that you knew as you were growing up.   They had a tremendous influence on my generation which caused a lot of people to get interested in playing music.

These videos aren’t in any chronological order whatsoever.  Great history though.  Something new for some of you and a hop, skip, and a jump down Memory


I know exactly what you mean. It was a different time and it was about as special as it gets. The younger kids have no idea as it wasn’t just a really good band and good music. It was a time when everything was so excitingly new and amazingly different. They were at the forefront driving it and keeping this big thing on the road for everyone else. I’ll be adding more to this as time allows. Right now I have a product review of a GREAT item and 3 interviews that need to be put up that are pretty special. Time is such a precious and escaping commodity. Thanks Jeff!

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